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Medical Weight Loss That Works

Evidenced-based and effective treatment options to help you achieve a healthy body weight.

Medical Weight Loss

First Consultation

A thorough medical examination to assess your current needs and any underlying causes of your weight gain.

Second consultation

Your doctor will work with you to administer a treatment plan that will help you achieve a healthy weight.

Follow Up Appointments

Monitor your progress, troubleshoot any issues and learn the science behind your weight gain to maintain for life.

When you need

We’ll be here whenever you need support staying on track, to help you manage your weight in the long-term.


At Alevia, we work with you to develop a custom solution for long-lasting weight loss.

Weight Assessment

A comprehensive medical assessment of how weight gain is affecting your physical and mental health.

Body Composition Analysis

Our state-of-the-art technology can show you more than just your weight, including your fat percentage, muscle and bone mass.

Dietary Interventions

With our evidenced program, you’ll earn how to control cravings, beat hunger and regain control of your life.

Lifestyle Program

Our “Tools For Success” modules have been designed to help you make those long lasting lifestyle changes and overcome barriers to weight loss.

Appetite Suppressant Medications

Achieve dietary ketosis to accelerate fat burning while increasing fullness.

Bariatric Services

Bariatric surgery may be a consideration if you have had a long term battle with obesity & weight related conditions. We will always provide you with independent advice to help determine your suitability.

Psychologist Services

To assist with binge eating disorder, body image issues, anxiety & depression or other life stressors that impact on your eating habits.

Exercise Plans

Develop an exercise program suited to your physical capabilities.

Facebook Community Group

Exchange tips, inspiration, recipes and other tools to help you get and keep the weight off.

Little changes, big results

At Alevia, we’ve helped over 1,000 clients lose weight & keep it off.

Lyndsay felt empowered
to make good decision
“I feel empowered to make good decisions, and self-correct when I unconsciously revert to my "old" ways” Read Lyndsay's story → Lyndsay
I knew I needed some
real help
I knew I had the tools and resources to get back to where I wanted to be. And just like other medical support, these were available to me for the long term which is when I most need them Read Clare's story → Clare
I finally said “enough
is enough
This journey has not only helped me but it has also aided my husband to lose 25kg and my children are eating really healthily and learning a good relationship with food Read Jessica's story → Jessica
I feel healthier inside,
I have more energy,
Since starting this journey, I have lost 15kg, I feel healthier inside, I have more energy, and feel better about me Read Ruth's story → Ruth
I decided it was time to
do something about it
I learnt a lot about nutrition and noticed that my relationship with food began to change Read Heinz's story → Heinz

Success stories are based on the participants’ real experiences using the Alevia weight loss program and are not necessarily representative of all persons who will use our program. They are based on individual results, and results may vary based on age, gender and other individual and demographic factors. We do not claim that they are typical results that participants will generally achieve.

Meet your doctors

Our team of experienced GPs are committed to helping you create a healthier life through rapid and

safe weight loss & long lasting healthy weight maintenance.

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Dr Janelle Francis

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Dr Andrea Ryan

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Dr Julie Chang

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Dr Nicolette Scheepers

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Dr Jane Doyle

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Dr Catherine Bacus


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