The Alevia 12 week Starter Weight Loss Program

A 12 week weight loss program – with one on one consults with Bariatric Doctors

A 12 week weight loss program –
with one on one consults with Bariatric Doctors

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Don’t miss out! Spaces are limited to 5 patients per bariatric GP.

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Our bariatric GPs are currently helping our patients to live their best life.

Our next round kicks off on 28th of January

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Weight loss is more than just
“Eat less and move more!”

Good food and movement are essential a healthy body. But biology and genetics are strong forces that can frustrate your weight loss attempts.

Learn how you can overcome hunger hormones to keep weight off once and for all.

Your Super Power

Weight loss can be easy with the right help –
Modern medicine can amplify your efforts

Weight loss can be easy with the right help – Modern medicine can amplify your efforts

Personalised care

In person consultations with highly qualified
medical doctors

In person consultations with highly qualified medical doctors


Long term Weight Control – The proof is in the pudding! Our data shows that patients lose and keep off more than 10% of their body weight, not just for 3 months but for over 3 years. No fads or gimmicks. Just real results, and longer term solutions.

With the right dietary advice, movement for health and appetite
control, patients on our program typically lose

1 – 2.5kg* per week

* individual results vary

A 12 Week Weight Loss Program -
with one on one consults with Bariatric Doctors

A 12 week program

Delivered one on one by a team of bariatric GPs, dieticians and exercise physiologists

In person or
telehealth consultations

With support via
Online community

What’s included

The Core Alevia Starter program is designed to kick start your weight loss with help from your expert weight loss team, including:

What’s recommended

Need more help to get moving?

Our core program is where you’ll get most of the benefit when it comes to weight loss, but we know how important exercise is for our overall health and wellbeing.  That’s why we’ve allowed time in the program to focus on building strength and fitness

What if I’m not satisfied ?

We’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is so if the program is not the right fit for you, or you’re not the right fit for us, then we will return your funds, less the cost of that first consult! We’re that confident that we can help you! So really, there’s literally nothing to lose (except kilos of course)!

Hurry! Only limited places available – 5 patients per doctor.

Next Round Starts 18th October.

Lose those kilos fast with personalised care and modern medicine!

How can I get started?

in just 3 easy steps!


Check your

The Alevia Starter program is most suitable for individuals who have a BMI of 27 and above.

Whilst we recognise that the struggle with weight is real, those with a lower BMI are recommended to seek help from their regular GP.

You can check your BMI here.


Take the first step towards your weight loss goals and book an appointment online with one of our GPs at a time convenient for you. Book your first appointment online here.


Complete your registration form

Help us to help you – as soon as you’ve booked, complete your intake form that will be sent to you via SMS and you’ll be all set for your first appointment.

Get ready
for a new you!

Am I eligible?

The Alevia program is most suitable for individuals who have a BMI of 27 and above.
Whilst we recognize that the struggle with weight is real, those with a lower BMI are recommended to seek help from their regular GP.

For accurate calculation, we need some basic info about you.

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We are for people who are serious about weight loss and ready to create real and meaningful change in their lives. We are for people who are ready to put the effort in but want to have that effort amplified with the best tools in modern medicine. We are for people who love the support, encouragement and expertise of medical professionals – professionals who really get weight loss and who are on their side. And most importantly, we recognise that obesity is a chronic disease and so we are here for those who want long term weight control after shifting that initial weight.

We want to offer the best of care to our patients, but we also know that our program is not for everybody.We are not in the business of wasting your time or money if it’s not a right fit, so please check out your eligibility for the the Alevia 12 week program here. In particular, our program is not suitable for individuals who have an eating disorder or who have a BMI <27. We’re also not for people who wanta quick fix, magic wand or “just a quick script and I’ll be on my way”.

The secret sauce to weight loss is a combination of the following – a delicious dietary plan that suits you, a plan for physical activity and movement that you enjoy, control of hunger and cravings with weight loss medications and an accountability partner to help keep things on track. In this highly personalised program you’ll get it all – with weekly sessions with one of the fabulous team – your weight loss doctor, dietician or exercise physiologist. And with complete dedication to the success of each individual who goes through the program, there are only a limited number of spaces available per month – so be sure to secure your place early.

We have jam packed this booster program full of value with one on one consultations with your weight loss doctor and weight loss team, so that you get maximum results. You’ll also receive 2 complimentary body composition analyses to track your progress in a comprehensive way, assessing changes in muscle mass, fat mass and your metabolism. You’ll also have access to our App which patients love with it’s weight tracker, recipe index, dietary and exercise plans. Our Facebook community is a place to seek knowledge, support and encouragement from those who are sharing the journey with you. Most importantly, you’ll get weight off with our evidenced based program backed by science and with effective tools that work!

You may or may not need medications, meal replacements or other products and services as part of your program so these are not included in your program fee. We would discuss these with you if we thought they were necessary.

There are Medicare rebates available for both medical and allied health consultations. Allied health rebates may be possible through either a GP Management Plan (see below) or your health insurance.Please check with your private health insurance provider re: eligibility and possible rebates.

NB: rebates can only be processed at the time of your consultation, not all upfront at the start of the program.

What are GP Management Plans (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCAs)?

A GP Management plan is a document created by you and your GP and helps to set out treatment goals for people living with a chronic condition (which obesity is!) The related Team Care arrangements document sets out who does what in your care team and it provides
a rebate of $56 for up to 5 visits per calendar year with allied health professionals, including dietitians and exercise physiologists. Obesity qualifies for a GPMP – so please get in touch with your GP if you think you may be eligible and ask them to name our dietician and exercise physiologist as team members in order to attract a Medicare rebate.

For more information about fees and rebates click here.

We know that life happens and sometimes there are unexpected circumstances that may prevent you making your appointment. At the same time we also know that those who get the best results in the program show up and give it their best shot. Weight loss is not easy,
and if you’re struggling that is when our team can most be of help to you! For this reason, you can reschedule your appt any time within that week pending practitioner availability otherwise, it is considered a forfeited appointment and you will not receive a medicare rebate for that appt. You will still have access to the resources for that week available via the app.

You may view our terms and condition here.

Tools to help

Valita app

Body Composition

Facebook Community

The Alevia 12 week Starter Program

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