Our Fees

As of July 1st 2021

Please Note:

Full fee upfront is payable on the day of your appointment and will be processed with a credit/debit card token provided at the time of booking

Medicare rebate is processed for you on your behalf by our administration team and will go back into the account that you have nominated with Medicare within 24 and 48 hours. For more information about Medicare rebates, see our FAQs page.

Out of pocket fee is the amount of money that you will be out of pocket after Medicare has processed your rebate.

Initial Consultation (45 Mins)

In your first consultation, you will meet with one of our highly-experienced bariatric doctors, who will perform a thorough assessment of your current health, existing medical conditions, family history, medications and lifestyle factors, all within a private, non-judgmental clinical space. Your doctor may request further investigations, such as a blood test, to help identify any potential underlying causes of your weight gain. From this deeper investigation into your current medical needs, your doctor will work with you to administer the safest and most appropriate treatment plan that will maximise your weight loss success.

You will receive a complementary body composition scan, using our state-of-the-art technology, which will provide detailed information about your current fat percentage, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate.

After your first consultation, our administrative team will spend time introducing you to our community, helping you get set up with our Alevia app and booking your next appointments.

Full Fee Out of Pocket Medicare Rebate
$251.50 $140 $111.50

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Long Consultation (20-30 Mins)

Your second consultation with your bariatric doctor will be dedicated to tailoring and administering the most appropriate treatment plan to help you lose weight and achieve your goals, including a dietary and exercise plan, as well as consideration of appetite suppressant medications (where appropriate). Your doctor will walk you through the process, explain the medical evidence behind your treatment plan and answer any questions you may have, so that you walk away with a comprehensive plan of action and feel confident to get started.

Full Fee Out of Pocket Medicare Rebate
$160.75 $85 $75.75

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*If you have complex health needs or multiple issues and require an extended consultation length (40+ mins):

Full Fee Out of Pocket Medicare Rebate
$206.50 $95 $111.50

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Standard Consultation (10-15 Mins)

Once you have commenced your treatment plan, you can make review appointments with your bariatric doctor to troubleshoot any issues, ask questions and check in on your weight loss progress. In your check-ups, your doctor may also refer you to other specialists to be involved in your multi-disciplinary care where needed.

Obesity and overweight is a chronic health condition and requires active maintenance efforts, so your doctor will always be here to help you manage your weight in the long-term, at a frequency that suits you best, to help you stay accountable.

Full Fee Out of Pocket Medicare Rebate
$94.10 $55 $39.10

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Body Composition Scan (10-15 Mins)

If your doctor has suggested that you undergo another body composition scan to monitor your progress, you can use our state-of-the-art technology to check your fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, basal metabolic rate and more.

Full Fee Out of Pocket Medicare Rebate
$104.10 $65 $39.10

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Discounted Fees for Pensioners/Health Care Card Owners

If you have a concession card, you are eligible for our discounted fees, which are $10 less than the out of pocket fees for each appointment type. Enquire with our reception team for more information.

After Hours Fees

After hours fees apply after 8:00pm on weekdays and after 5:00pm on Saturdays

Appointment Type Full Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
Initial Consult $262.55 $122.55 $140.00
Extended Consult* $217.55 $122.55 $95.00
Double Follow Up $172.40 $87.40 $85.00
Standard Follow Up $106.00 $51.00 $55.00
Body Composition Scan $116.00 $51.00 $65.00

*If you have complex health needs or multiple issues and require an extended consultation length (40+ mins):

Recommended Appointment Structure

We know that getting started on your weight loss journey can be difficult, so our doctors have developed an appointment structure to maximise your weight loss success and specifically designed to provide you with the support that you need, especially in those first few weeks.  Patients who follow this recommended appointment structure have had the best results in our clinic.

Timing Consultation Appointment Length
Week 1 Initial Consultation – Weight Assessment 40 minutes
Week 2 Getting Started – Dietary Plan 30 minutes
Week 3 Weight Review 15-30 minutes
2 Weeks Later and Thereafter Weight Review 15 Minutes


Late Notice Fee

If you cancel/reschedule your appointment with less than 24 hours notice, OR you fail to attend your appointment, a late notice fee will be deducted from your account. If you have any concerns, our reception team will be here and ready to happily assist you.

        Standard Consult Long/Extended Consult
$50.00 $100.00