Our Story

We are medical professionals working with you to lose weight, overcome hunger and cravings and helping you to keep weight off long term

As doctors who have treated patients with complex medical problems for many years, we know that many conditions are improved by weight loss.

And because we like to help our patients to achieve their best health possible, we would often provide basic dietary and exercise advice in the hope that it would help our patients lose weight…

But it didn’t work!

The fault was not with our patients – it was with us!

We failed to understand what is driving weight gain and why it is so hard for many of us to lose weight and even harder to keep it off long term.

This set us on a quest for knowledge to determine how to best help our patients. We have researched the evidence around how body weight is regulated, how genetic factors determine our set point of weight, how hormonal systems like to tightly regulate our weight and protect us against weight loss and how we can overcome these systems in order to help keep you at a healthier weight for life.

We have also shared in the personal struggles of our patients who have always battled with weight or who have been able to lose their weight but always seem to regain it again. We want an effective solution just as much as they do.

This has resulted in the creation of our Alevia Medical Weight Loss program and the services that we can bring you today.

Our Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Vision

Greater health for all Australians.

Our Mission

We exist to alleviate the medical, psychological and social burden that people living with obesity experience.

Our Values

At Alevia, we pride ourselves on holding true to a set of core values.


  • We provide a safe, non-judgemental environment so that you can access care
  • We acknowledge that everyone’s story is different
  • We journey alongside you with gentleness, respect and empathy

Patient-Centred Care

  • Your health and well-being are our priority in everything we do
  • Our doctors are committed to building trusted relationships with each patient
  • We provide personalised medical care to suit your individual health and lifestyle needs


  • We make the complex, more simple
  • We are committed to change and growth
  • We love finding new ways to deliver better care

Excellence in Medical Care

  • We provide effective treatments that are backed by current evidence
  • We have a passion for knowledge and continuous learning
  • Our doctors are medical professionals that you can trust

Love What You Do

  • We bring joy and passion to what we do
  • We celebrate the wins
  • We create an environment where everyone can thrive

Meet your doctors

We can help you create a healthier life through rapid and
safe weight loss & long lasting healthy weight

Dr Catherine Bacus

Dr Catherine Bacus

Dr Catherine Bacus

Dr Janelle Francis

Dr Catherine Bacus

Dr Andrea Ryan

Dr Catherine Bacus

Dr Julie Chang

Dr Catherine Bacus

Dr Nicolette Scheepers