BariCare Program

Maximise weight loss
after your procedure

No matter what procedure you have, there is risk of weight regain, or insufficient weight loss after bariatric surgery – unless you’ve learnt how to maximise your surgical tool to its fullest potential.

At Alevia we help you get the most out of your bariatric surgery. You’ll learn how to eat differently for life, adjust to the changing levels of appetite post surgery and get help to keep your weight loss on track for best results.

Maintain optimal health whilst losing weight

With the Alevia Baricare program, you’ll get expert dietitian input to ensure you’re getting all the goodness you can from food. We’ll also screen for any problems like iron and B12 deficiency, and monitor your bone health to ensure you are fit and well as you enjoy your new healthy body. You’ll also experience changes in your physical and emotional wellbeing as you lose weight – we can work with your regular GP to adjust medications as needed and support you in your mental health as you make this lifelong adjustment.

Two way communication with your bariatric surgeon

We have a highly skilled multidisciplinary team consisting of medical doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists and psychologists. We have excellent two way communication with your bariatric surgeon, who can review you promptly, should any unexpected problems arise.

Bundled appointments to unlock savings

You’ll receive 3 monthly appointments with either the bariatric doctor or dietitian to help keep your weight loss on track for maximum results from your surgery, all the while, helping you to understand how to use this new tool in your life.

How much does it cost?

Assumes medicare rebates of $570 ($346 of medical rebates and 4 x dietitian care plan rebates totalling $224)
Further reductions in costs if you’ve reached the safety net

BariCare Program

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