Week 1 – New Beginnings

We trust you’ve enjoyed your first week on the Alevia Starter program.

We know that Obesity is just like any other health condition where both genetics and environment are at play. Biology accounts for 40-70% of our weight – we will show you how you can overcome biology as well as manage the complex lifestyle factors that affect weight – so you can live your best life. For more information on this check out Module 1 – Understanding Body Weight Regulation in the Valita app – Resources – Tools for Success.


Next week you’ll meet one of our fabulous dietitians who will guide you through the different dietary options for weight loss and you’ll go away with a dietary plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Do you need rebates for Allied Health appts?

If you’d like to claim a rebate for your allied health appointments then please ensure you have sent us your GP Management plan (“Care plan”) or have your health insurance details available on the day of your appt. To find out more please read the following blog or reach out to our reception team on reception@alevia.com.au or 1300 44 13 22.

Time for Action

Got Questions?

Please email us on reception@alevia.com.au or call on 1300 44 13 22 for assistance. Always remember to speak to your healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment.

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