Week 3 – Metabolic Reset


It’s week 3 already ! By now you’ll be well underway with a dietary plan to help shed those kilos and you might have even started on some weight loss medications for appetite suppression.

Our goal is to help you reset your metabolism to change some of the hormones that drive your appetite and cravings, so that sticking to a healthy diet becomes easy.

Questions for you to consider…

Do I experience hunger and cravings?

When am I most hungry and likely to eat?

When do I experience cravings? What are the triggers ?

How have my cravings been since starting the Starter Program?

Good Food

When managing hunger and cravings it is important to eat nourishing and filling foods rather than highly processed foods that give a rapid rise in blood sugar and a slump with cravings on the other side.  Check out the Healthy Carbs module in the Valita app for more information.  Remember, if you’re on a keto diet you may not be incorporating carbohydrates at this stage.

Getting Moving

Next week you’ll get the opportunity to see an exercise physiologist, if needed, to assist you with to find ways to incorporate activity into your day in a way that feels do-able without being overwhelming. Exercise is great for your mood and energy levels improve – just speak to your Alevia GP about a referral if you’d like some more direction.

Time for Action

Got Questions?

Please email us on reception@alevia.com.au or call on 1300 44 13 22 for assistance. Always remember to speak to your healthcare professional if you have any questions or concerns regarding your treatment.

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