We have recently announced that all consultations that would normally be held at our Vermont site are now being switched to Telehealth consultations, as a proactive step to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus on our Alevia community and protect the health of our staff and patients.

The government has released an update regarding Medicare rebates – and it is EXCELLENT news for our patients.

Now, Telehealth consultations will be bulk-billed for patients (no cost). This is for certain eligible patients, which will apply for the vast majority of our Alevia patients. Please see below.

If you have already had a Telehealth consultation with your doctor in the last 24 hours and paid a full fee, we will ensure that this is refunded to your account. Please get in touch with us to organise this at contact@alevia.com.au.

For more Medicare information on this, click here.

Eligibility for Bulk-Billing Consultations

Medicare has stipulated that the following patients are at risk and therefore qualify for a bulk-billed Telehealth consultation. The vast majority of our Alevia patients will be eligible to be bulk-billed for their Telehealth consultations, under the following circumstances:

  • You have to self contain on advice of a health practitioner due to suspected or confirmed coronavirus
  • You have a chronic health condition including but limited to obesity, depression, obstructive sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, diabetes, asthma, back pain, hypertension, polycystic ovarian syndrome. If you are unsure if you qualify then please speak to your GP or contact us at contact@alevia.com.au
  • Previously diagnosed with the chronic health condition of obesity and is now actively maintaining a healthy body weight under the guidance of an Alevia doctor
  • You are more than 70 yrs of age
  • You are an Aboriginal or Torres strait islander
  • You are a pregnant woman or have a newborn

If you are not eligible for a bulk-billed consultation according to Medicare rules, you can still access Telehealth consultations with your Alevia doctor, but a private fee of $65 will apply. Your doctor will advise you if you meet the criteria for bulk-billing.

If you are unsure of whether you are eligible for bulk-billing, please ask your doctor ahead of your consultation.

What does this mean for me as an Alevia patient?

Because of this government update as of Friday 13th March, now most Alevia patients can have a Telehealth consultation with their normal Alevia doctor which will be bulk-billed. This means you will not be charged any money.

We are going to implement this effective immediately for all Alevia patients – which means any patients who meet the following criteria (see above) will be bulk-billed for Telehealth consultations and will not have to pay any fees to speak with their Alevia doctor via phone call. 

You will now get the opportunity to have a 20 minute Telehealth consultation with your doctor and review your treatment plan, troubleshoot any problems and continue on in your weight loss journey, without incurring any costs.

Patient Checklist Before a Telehealth Consultation

At the time of your scheduled phone consultation, please phone the reception team on 9344 1322 to “check in” and wait for the doctor to then ring you. 

  1. Please ensure you have scales at home – preferably digital and accurate – should be within 200g if you weigh yourself twice within a short space of time, ie not a 2kg difference!
  2. Headed to our website, downloaded the Consent Form (on the Booking page) signed it and emailed it to contact@alevia.com.au
  3. Download our Alevia App (free for all Alevia patients) – available on the App Store and Google Play
  4. Please ensure you have watched the instructional video on how to use our Alevia App. This will be an important weight loss tool to utilise while our services are virtual. You can watch the video here. 
  5. Prior to starting the phone consultation, please make sure you have weighed yourself and checked your blood pressure (if applicable) and entered the updated data into the app tracker. You can use the notes section to enter your BP.
  6. If your details have recently changed, such as your mobile number or email address, it is your responsibility to ensure that our clinic have your most up-to-date details so we can easily contact you
  7. Make sure you have your phone switched on and ready to answer the incoming call from the doctor at the time your consultation is scheduled for – please allow 5-10mins either side of your consult for your doctor to contact you – we will do our best to run to time.

The Reception Team

Our reception team will be continuing to work remotely to provide you with administrative support. Our normal clinic phone number will be diverted to a mobile phone so we can still chat to you on the phone to answer any questions and take Telehealth consultation payments.

All administrative team members will have access to the appointment book and clinic email inbox remotely, so we can continue to manage your appointments and reply to incoming emails.

Thank-You for Your Patience

We know that changes are occurring rapidly, but we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work quickly to meet the needs of our Alevia community.

We ask that, where possible and appropriate, to continue having consultations with your Alevia doctor, to support our clinic and business so that we can continue to operate and provide you with obesity management services in the long-term.

Rest assured that we will be bringing you with frequent updates on the situation via phone calls, our Facebook page and email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@alevia.com.au or on 9344 1322.

Warm regards,

The Team from Alevia Medical Weight Loss.

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13 March, 2020