Book a bulk-billed appointment

In your first appointment, you’ll consult with a highly qualified bariatric doctor, referred by Dr Lara Freeman and specialising in weight loss management and post-surgery bariatic care. 

In this 45-60 minute appointment, you will:

• A review of your progress with adjustments as needed to help you to reach your healthy goal weight

• Assessment of body composition and metabolic health – where we assess muscle mass, fat mass, visceral fat rating, metabolic age, basal metabolic rate

• Ongoing assessment and screening for nutritional deficiencies following your surgery with supplementation as needed

• Discuss your preferences and suitability for supplementary weight loss medications – depending on whether you have prematurely plateaued or still have further weight to lose

• Assistance with emotional eating, binge eating or pre-existing medical conditions that may be slowing down your weight loss

• Ongoing assistance with nutrition and exercise relevant to this point in your journey

Please note: to be eligible for a bulk-billed appointment, you must hold a valid Medicare card. Per Medicare requirements, Telehealth appointments can only only be bulk-billed if the patient has had at least one face-to-face appointment with Alevia Medical Weight Loss in the last 12 months. If you have not had an appointment within the last 12 months, please contact our friendly Reception team on 1300 44 13 22 to book in a 15-minute mini face-to-face consult first, so you can then qualify for telehealth bulk-billing.