New Patient Queries

  • How much does the program cost?
    You can read up on our latest fee schedule here.
  • How much weight can I expect to lose?
    Each person will differ in how much weight they have to lose and factors such as their age, sex, starting weight and level of activity will affect their rate of weight loss. Our patients normally lose between 1-2.5 kg per week, but individual results will vary.
  • I don’t want to have weight loss surgery but I’m not sure how to lose the weight.
    Some people have tried to lose weight with lifestyle measures and may have lost a little, but not enough weight and their weight remains a significant health risk. The good news is, we can help you to lose weight without having to undergo surgery. Or if surgery does become necessary, then with a bit of weight loss prior, it becomes a safer and less rigorous procedure.
  • How is the Alevia program different
  • Which doctor should I choose?
  • I have a busy lifestyle, can I still do the program?
    Absolutely! Our program does not involve extensive recipes or meals plans that require hours of meal preparation or shopping for rare spices from South East Asia! Our program is designed to fit in with your lifestyle with minimum fuss. Plus, we offer convenient Telehealth appointments that can easily fit into your busy schedule, no matter where you are!
  • What if I have a PT or go to the gym already? Do I still need to see the exercise physiologist?

    That’s fabulous that you’re already working out and we would encourage you to keep doing so. The value in seeing an exercise physiologist is that they are specially trained health professionals, that are qualified to prescribe exercise that is appropriate for those with chronic diseases, musculoskeletal conditions and most importantly weight management.

    The exercise physiologist will do baseline fitness and strength testing, which will assist in tracking your progress throughout the program. They will then develop a structured exercise program that suits you and your health needs, making use of whatever you’re already doing for exercise and ensuring it is safe and effective for weight management.

    It’s not possible to substitute these sessions out of the program for something else you’re already doing, but rather these sessions would compliment and extend what you might already be doing.

  • What is your doctor availability like?
    We know that after hours appointments are desired by many of our patients. So to cater for this need, our doctors work on both evenings and weekends, as well as weekdays. To view our appointment availability, click here.
  • I have battled with weight my whole life, how will this program be different?
    As medical doctors, we understand the science behind body weight regulation and all the smart ways that the body will try to defend you against weight loss. We will show you how you can overcome these hormonal changes so that you can keep the weight off for life and keep hunger at bay.
  • How often do I have an appointment with my doctor?
    Most patients find that a weekly or fortnightly review gives them the chance for their doctor to monitor and review their progress as well as learn the essential skills to keep the weight off for life.
  • How do I get my Medicare rebate back after my consultation?
    The Medicare rebate will go back into the account that you have nominated with Medicare within 24 and 48 hours. Please note: this may be different to the account that the payment for your consultation came out of, you can check which account you have nominated with Medicare through logging into ‘MyGov’ or give Medicare a call on 132 150.
  • I have special dietary requirements, can I still do your program?
    Yes! We cater for those with lactose and fructose intolerance, coeliac disease, egg and other allergies as well vegetarians and vegans. Whatever the dietary preference – we can help you!
  • I have complex medical conditions, can I still do your program?
    Yes! Our doctors are specially trained in obesity management and the management of weight related conditions. We can adjust our program to suit your health conditions and medications. We will assess for and advise on any weight inducing medications and any special precautions you should be aware of when losing weight.
  • I have injuries and find it hard to exercise. Can I still lose weight?
    Thankfully, the majority of weight loss comes from focusing on diet rather than exercise. There is no doubt that exercise is fantastic for every aspect of your health, but it is still possible to lose weight without hitting the gym 7 days a week.
  • I have had weight loss surgery but regained some weight. Can you help?
    Absolutely. Obesity is a chronic health condition that requires life long attention. Sometimes after weight loss surgery there is a return of hunger and appetite and our program can assist with assessing causes of weight regain and assisting with control of appetite. We also perform pre and post surgery nutritional assessments and screen for nutritional deficiencies.
  • I have complex health needs
  • I have special dietary requirements

Appointment Queries

  • How can I book an appointment with my Alevia doctor?

    Our user-friendly system meets that you can book your own appointments online or through the AMS app! To make an appointment through our website, simply click here. Alternatively, you can download the AMS Connect app, enter your details and book a time to speak with your Alevia doctor that way. If you need a hand, our reception team will always be available to assist you further.

    If you’d prefer, get in touch with our reception team here and we will give you a call.

  • What if I can’t get in to see my normal Alevia doctor?

    Our team will always do our best to find you an appointment time with your doctor that will best suit your schedule and your treatment. However, if you are struggling to find a time with your doctor, you can always check in with one of our other Alevia doctors as we share a centralised database that all doctors can access equally (such as for your medical history and notes). Alternatively, you can give our team a call and we can put you on a waiting list in case any times become available last-minute.

    If you have a query that you want to relay to your doctor now, click here to send your message to our team and we will endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours.

    For all other urgent medical problems, visit your local GP or dial 000 in an emergency.

  • How do e-scripts work?

    We’ve put together a FAQs page for electronic prescriptions. Check it out here!

  • Can I claim private health insurance for my appointments?

    Whilst our weight program is extremely efficacious, currently there is no private health insurance rebate for programs already funded by Medicare. Please speak to your health insurer if you have any questions or concerns.

  • How can I pay for my appointment?

    When you make an appointment with us (either online or on the phone with our team), we will collect your credit/debit card details in advance in order to be able to secure the appointment in our system. Your details become ‘tokenised’ for each individual appointment and will allow for an automatic payment to be deducted from your account AFTER your consultation has completed. We will also send off the Medicare claim for you too, which will generally take 1-2 days to be returned to whichever bank account is linked with Medicare. If the automatic payment fails, we will be in touch to discuss with you further.

  • Why do I have to give my credit card details every time I want to book an appointment?

    If you would like, the booking system our clinic uses (AutoMed) now allows us to store your card details in a secure encrypted format so that you do not have to provide these details every time you book an appointment. If this is something you would like us to do, please let our reception staff know that you consent to this, and they will store them securely on the system. Alternately, you can still provide these details for each particular appointment that you make (either online or over the phone) if this is your preference.

  • How can I change or cancel my appointment? Is there a cancellation fee?
    If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, please ring our team on 03 9344 1322 with as much notice as possible, so that we can offer the time slot to someone else on the waiting list. Late notice cancellations or FTAs (‘failed to attend’) may incur a $50 for a short, $100 for a long or the full fee for a new patient appointment. Chat to our team if you have any further questions or concerns.
  • How do I get my Medicare rebate back for my Alevia consultations?

    The Medicare rebate will go back into the account that you have nominated with Medicare within 24 and 48 hours. Please note: this may be different to the account that the payment for your consultation came out of, you can check which account you have nominated with Medicare through logging into ‘MyGov’ or give Medicare a call on 132 150.

  • How do Telehealth Medicare claims work?

    In order to be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your Telehealth consultation, you will need to have had a face-to face (FTF) interaction with us in the last 12 months. Click here for more info on this.

    If you are eligible, we will send off the claim on your behalf once we have received your payment for your consultation. The rebate should be returned to your account within 1-2 days. If there are any concerns regarding Medicare eligibility or receiving your claim, get in touch with our team by sending us a message here.

  • I’m having issues with the Valita App, what can I do?
    If you are having trouble logging into the Valita app, check to see if you received an email from us to set up your password (it may have gone to your junk folder). Use that link to create your password, which can then be used along with your email address to access the app. If you cannot see any resources or recipes within the app, no stress, just send us a quick message here and we will get that updated for you. For all other app issues, get in touch with us to troubleshoot further.

Still not sure?

Not a problem! You can send us a message with your question and our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, feel free to give our staff a call on 1300 44 13 22 to discuss further.

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