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Total upfront cost $1693 with Medicare rebates of up to $696 available

Rollover to Maintenance Program membership $99/month after 12 weeks


Paid in 3 x monthly instalments of $594 with total Medicare rebates of up to $696 available

Rollover to Maintenance Program membership $99/month after 12 weeks 

Pay as you go

Total cost $387 with Medicare rebates of up to  $118 after initial appointment.

Includes initial consult AND monthly membership Program access $99/month

Existing Patient

For those who’ve already started their journey with us and need to book your next appointment.

If you have a dedicated or preferred doctor, click this link to book a time with them directly.

If you want to just book the next available appointment with any of our amazing doctors, use this link.

Need to book a time with one of our fabulous dieticians? Click this link to find a time that suits you.

Check your Eligibility

Our Program is most suitable for individuals who have a BMI of 27 and above.

Whilst we recognise that the struggle with weight is real, those with a lower BMI are recommended
to seek help from their regular GP.

You can check your BMI here.

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