Tightening COVID-19 Restrictions & What It Means for Alevia Patients

We can’t seem to catch a break with this pandemic just yet, can we?!

With Stage 4 lockdown coming into effect for Metro Melbourne & Mitchell Shire, and Stage 3 restrictions reintroduced for the rest of Victoria, we wanted to take a moment to clarify what all of these changes will mean for all of our Alevia patients.

Last month, new Medicare changes were introduced by the Australian Government that meant that we could only bulk-bill TeleHealth appointments for patients that have had a face-to-face (FTF) appointment with us in the last 12 months. However, these changes do not apply to any patients under Stage 3 (or worse) restrictions. Read more about the changes here.

So this means that if you live anywhere in Victoria, we can still bulk-bill your TeleHealth appointments with your Alevia doctor, regardless of whether you’ve had a FTF appointment with us before or not, now that you are under Stage 3 restrictions again. Down the track as restrictions ease again in the future, we will re-assess whether we will need to arrange for you to have a FTF to continue being eligible for bulk-billing TeleHealth or if you’ll need to pay private fees instead. Some patients did already have FTFs booked in for the coming weeks, but we have cancelled those for now to help keep everyone safe.

Unfortunately, private fees will still apply for TeleHealth appointments for any patients that live outside of Victoria, as you are not under Stage 3 restrictions (and hopefully it stays that way!) However, we have a handy system set up in Hot Doc which means we can send you a secure SMS prompt to process your payment online ahead of your TeleHealth appointments – easy peasy!

These changes are coming hard and fast at all of us, but the team at Alevia will continue to be flexible and adapt to these changes as they arise, so that we can always work to meet the needs of our patients. We thank you for your patience and understanding during these uncertain times.

If you are struggling to cope during lockdown at the moment, just know that we are here for you when you need us. You can always make a bulk-billed TeleHealth appointment with your Alevia doctor, when you want to check in and seek some extra support for your health.

We are also hosting an Alevia Zoom Trivia Night this Saturday night (8th of August), just as an easy way to bring our community together for some social connection and fun, because heaven knows you all deserve it! All friends, family & housemates are welcome to join and register a team, or you can form a virtual team with other Alevia patients and work together. Join our support group on Facebook for regular updates!

For now, take care and reach out for help when you need it.
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