A Letter From Eda, An Alevia Patient

Hello friend,
There is nothing to be anxious about, this is simple. Just be yourself and don’t over complicate it! There is a reason you are here and it is to get help because whatever you were doing, it wasn’t working.

I met Dr Bacus in January 2018. I am around 5 foot tall and I was 111.5kgs and a plus size 18-22. I always had a weight problem and yo-yo dieted most of my life, but putting on the last 30kg was extreme and caused me to be very unhealthy. Even though I was in denial that I was overweight, I found I was declining social events and I was not liking the person I had become. I could not cope in summer. I had swollen feet, had trouble with shoes and clothes, could not cross my legs and didn’t have the stamina to do the basic chores like shop, housework or gardening. I suffered various aches and pains from carrying the extra weight and I knew this was unsustainable. Sound familiar?

You do need to know I was very miserable and desperate and because of this found myself sobbing in my GP’s office. I didn’t need just another diet or exercise program or psychological help. I needed an easy, medically-supervised weight loss solution with a supportive medical practitioner who did not judge me – that’s how I ended up here. I didn’t just get exactly that; I also got my life back and I live it with confidence now!

By the end of December 2018 I had lost 35.5 kilos. It took no effort at all and I have never felt deprived of food! I went on to lose 42kgs total, but then I somehow lost my way, stopped attending consultations and 10 kgs crept back on. In late March 2020, I was smart enough to acknowledge that I was really going to get off track, so I returned to Dr Bacus.

She was so happy to have me back, no judgment or shame, and we took up where we left off. I now weigh 65kg, I am 56 years of age and between sizes 12-14. I feel great, I have energy, normal sized feet, I give myself pedicures, cross my legs effortlessly, and wish I had looked and felt this way 20 years ago.

Don’t deny yourself the full benefits of this program, it is the easiest program you will come across. Keep attending, it truly works, even if it doesn’t feel like it straight away. You will be provided with a lot of information about what makes your brain tell you that you are hungry and what foods you should be eating to sustain a feeling of fullness. Expect an immediate change to your diet, but you won’t miss or crave the carbs & sweets because you will realise how much you don’t need them.

You can lead your normal lifestyle, you just need to make small adjustments by changing your eating habits and the program will ensure you do this. Eating out, socialising and entertaining will become easy because you will soon realise your life doesn’t need to revolve around food. If you follow the program, you won’t overeat and you won’t act in response to your unhappiness by continuing to overeat. Like me, you will break the cycle and live your new normal by making the right choices, without going hungry.

Trust me, you are in the right place, you just need to have faith in yourself, the program and the support and information provided to you. Your new body will spur you on. And if you happen to slip up, don’t worry, you will manage that too!

I wish you all the very best.