How does Saxenda work as a weight loss medication?

Saxenda is the name for a weight loss medication called liraglutide, made by Novo Nordisk. It is a self-injectable medication similar to your own gut hormone GLP-1, which controls hunger. It works mostly on the brain and appetite centre to help you feel less hungry during the day and more easily satisfied after a meal, which can help you control those pesky cravings that hinder your success! Saxenda is most commonly recommended to people with a BMI of 30+ or a BMI of 27-29 with other health complications,  such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnoea.  

Saxenda is self-administered in the form of a daily injection to the lower stomach area. Check out the demonstration video to see how a Saxenda pen works.

Success rates of Saxenda?

This medication will be most effective when combined with dietary intervention and regular physical activity. Patients who took Saxenda 3mg for one year achieved an average weight loss of 8.1%. 

What are the side effects of Saxenda?

Like most medications, you may experience initial side effects when taking Saxenda as part of your treatment plan, including: 

Constipation or diarrhoea

However, your Alevia doctor will be here to help you manage these initial side effects so that you can reap the benefits of an appetite suppressant and your weight loss efforts. 

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