To protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and patients, and to minimise the spread of the Coronavirus, ALL consultations that would normally take place at our Vermont clinic are now being switched to Telehealth consultations. We are in a perfect position to continue to serve our patients through our innovative use of technology and our patient app so you can continue your weight loss journey from the comfort of your home.

Currently, patients at our other sites (Hawthorn, Heidelberg & Fitzroy) are still able to attend appointments face-to-face as per normal until further updates provided, however Telehealth consultations are available for all patients who normally attend any of our sites, if desired.

Telehealth consultations refer to speaking remotely with your doctor, either via a phone call OR a Skype video call.

If you do not wish to speak with your doctor via phone call or skype, please advise the clinic and we can direct you to one of our other sites in Melbourne.

Please note the following information below regarding Telehealth consultations.

For our latest update on the Coronavirus, see here.

Booking a Telehealth Consultation

You can make an appointment to speak with one of our Alevia doctors via our normal online booking services through our website, by calling us on 9344 1322 or emailing us at contact@alevia.com.au.

You can find our Telehealth consultation patient kit (including a consent form and a pamphlet) here.

Our reception team will be working remotely to guide you through this process and provide you with all of the administrative support that you may need.

Fees and Payments

Payment needs to be taken before the Telehealth consult takes place. Our reception team will contact you to collect this payment over the phone before your consultation.

The costs for a Telehealth consultation are as per the following:

15mins or Less (for all existing patients) – $65

Greater than 15 mins or less than 30 mins (for all new patients) – $130

Greater than 30 mins or less than 45 mins – $160

Currently, there is no Medicare rebate available for these consultations, but we will continue to update our Alevia community regarding Medicare changes.

We can print your invoice and receipt to be mailed to you, if desired.

Patient Checklist Before A Telehealth Consultation

Have you:

  1. Got scales at home?
  2. Downloaded the Alevia App (free for all Alevia patients)
  3. Headed to our website, downloaded the Consent Form, signed it and emailed it to contact@alevia.com.a
  4. Decided whether you’d prefer a phone call or a Skype video conference?
  5. Got access to stable internet access and good bandwidth?
  6. Got a laptop or accessible phone?
  7. Got a communication method – either a phone or a Skype account?

Any problems to troubleshoot, contact us at contact@alevia.com.au or on 9344 1322 and our reception team will assist you.

The Reception Team

Our reception team will be continuing to work remotely to provide you with administrative support. Our normal clinic phone number will be diverted to a mobile phone so we can still chat to you on the phone to answer any questions and take Telehealth consultation payments.

All administrative team members will have access to the appointment book and clinic email inbox remotely, so we can continue to manage your appointments and reply to incoming emails.

Thank-You for Your Patience

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work swiftly to meet the needs of our staff and patients.

We ask that, where possible and appropriate, to continue having consultations with your Alevia doctor, to support our clinic and business so that we can continue to operate and provide you with obesity management services in the long-term.

Rest assured that we will be bringing you with frequent updates on the situation via phone calls, our Facebook page and email.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at contact@alevia.com.au or on 9344 1322.

Warm regards,

The Team from Alevia Medical Weight Loss.

11 March, 2020