At Alevia, we do things differently…

We understand that you have most likely battled with weight for some time now and you don’t just want another fad diet.

You’re tired of being tired! And you would really love to enjoy greater energy and to run around with your kids.

You want to feel fabulous in the clothes you have sitting in your wardrobe.

And it would be a great relief to NOT have food and diets dominate your life.

With a medical doctor on your side and the best research and evidence around weight loss, there is hope!

Medically supervised weight loss solution

The Alevia Weight Loss Solution is our clinically-proven,
evidenced based weight loss program with 4 keystones

Phase 1

It all starts with you

At Alevia, we value patient-centred care, so we work with you to design a weight management program that is tailored to YOUR needs. In our initial medical assessment, we will help to determine the cause of the weight gain, your hurdles and any health conditions you might have. You’re then ready to begin your transformation.

Phase 2

Lose Weight Fast

The Alevia Weight Loss Solution is designed to help you achieve results fast. With our dietary programs, you won’t need to worry about those hunger pangs getting in the way of achieving your goals anymore.

Our patients normally lose between 1-2.5 kg per week.*

Some of the benefits include:

  • Improved energy and sense of wellbeing
  • Improved diabetes control
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Reduced joint pain
  • Improved sleep apnoea

We offer a range of dietary plans to cater for all needs. Do you have food intolerances or sensitivities? Don’t worry – we have you covered!

As medical doctors, we understand the science behind weight loss and will help formulate a diet that is best suited to you and your needs!

*Individual results may vary

Phase 3

Maintain for Life

Do you know why 95% of people regain weight that they lost in the past? We do!

Our weight maintenance program is driven by the latest medical research and science, meaning we will give you the tools to keep your weight off for good!

After successfully losing your weight, we will carefully transition you onto a lifelong sustainable healthy eating plan. You will have the tools you need to trick the body into feeling less hunger and more satisfied with less food.

Find out how you can be done with the lifelong struggle with weight.

Phase 4

A Doctor On Your Side

Losing weight on your own can be hard to do.

But with your Alevia GP by your side, here to help you overcome the common reasons for “giving up”, like appetite and hunger, achieving your goal weight IS possible.

Our team of doctors are here for you every step of the way so that weight relapse can now be a thing of the past.


At Alevia, we work with you to develop a custom solution for long-lasting weight loss.

Weight Assessment

A comprehensive medical assessment of how weight gain is affecting your physical and mental health.

Body Composition Analysis

Our state-of-the-art technology can show you more than just your weight, including your fat percentage, muscle and bone mass.

Dietary Interventions

With our evidenced program, you’ll earn how to control cravings, beat hunger and regain control of your life.

Lifestyle Program

Our “Tools For Success” modules have been designed to help you make those long lasting lifestyle changes and overcome barriers to weight loss.

Appetite Suppressant Medications

Achieve dietary ketosis to accelerate fat burning while increasing fullness.

Bariatric Services

Bariatric surgery may be a consideration if you have had a long term battle with obesity & weight related conditions. We will always provide you with independent advice to help determine your suitability.

Psychologist Services

To assist with binge eating disorder, body image issues, anxiety & depression or other life stressors that impact on your eating habits.

Exercise Plans

Develop an exercise program suited to your physical capabilities.

Facebook Community Group

Exchange tips, inspiration, recipes and other tools to help you get and keep the weight off.


At Alevia Medical Weight Loss, we have two main goals:

  1. To help you lose weight rapidly and safely and
  2. Keep your weight off for life.

So that you can enjoy the optimum health, vitality and energy.
Whilst every individual varies, we design our programs to give the best results, based on the most effective treatments available.


We have brought the latest research to you in our program.

It is based on current evidence and understanding of what causes weight gain.

No gimmicks or fad diets, just the latest effective treatments, informed by science.


We know that the weight loss, weight regain cycle is frustrating and disheartening.

At Alevia, we want help free you from the battle with weight.

Long term weight control is achievable with our program.

At Alevia Medical Weight Loss we put you back in the drivers seat of your life.