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12 Week Program

Week 1 - New Beginnings

Weight Loss Doctor

  • Body composition analysis  
  • Goal setting   
  • Review of medical history  
  • Discuss the most effective treatment options for weight loss  
  • Create a personalised treatment plan  
  • Commence weight loss medications if appropriate 

Week 2 - Control of Hunger and Cravings


  • Weight loss can be easy when you’re not hungry 
  • Getting started on a dietary plan for maximal weight loss 

Week 3 - Metabolic Reset

Weight Loss Doctor

  • Understand how weight is controlled by the brain and how to keep weight off long term  
  • Adjust weight loss medications if used 
  • Review pathology results 

Week 4 - Getting Moving

Exercise Physiologist

  • No boot camps just movement for health 
  • Expert care from your exercise physiologist
  • Track your progress with baseline testing of fitness and strength
  • Formulate an achievable exercise plan 

Week 5 - Dealing with Emotional Eating

Weight Loss Doctor

  • Learn how to overcome emotional eating  
  • Care for your emotional health 
  • Referrals as required e.g. Psychologist 
  • Review diet and medications as needed 

Week 6 - Getting Nutrition Just Right


  • Eating doesn’t have to feel restrictive for weight loss 
  • Review of diet to ensure it is enjoyable, nutritionally complete and remains suitable for weight loss  
  • Adjust diet as necessary  

Week 7 - Half Way Check Point

Weight Loss Doctor

  • Review progress against goals  
  • Reset for the second half of the program  
  • Adjust goals as necessary 
  • Identify hurdles and strategies to overcome challenges 

Week 8 - Building Strength

Exercise Physiologist

  • Build muscle mass to make weight maintenance easy 
  • Learn how to increase your metabolism 
  • Learn how to incorporate strength activities into your week 

Week 9 - Weight Loss Doesn't Have To Be Hard

Weight Loss Doctor

  • Review dietary plan 
  • Review medical conditions 
  • Adjust weight loss medications if used 

Week 10 - Food for Life


  • Change of dietary plan if further weight loss needed 
  • Develop a maintenance plan if goal weight achieved 

Week 11 - Body Composition

Weight Loss Doctor

  • See how far you’ve come! 
  • Body composition analysis  
  • Blood pressure and measurements 
  • Referrals for repeat blood tests for last visit 

Week 12 - Maintenance Planning

Weight Loss Doctor

  • YOU DID IT! 
  • Review blood tests  
  • Develop a strategy for the next stage of weight management