Welcome & Congratulations!

If you’ve had your initial appointment with us – congratulations, you should feel extremely proud of yourself for making the decision to take your first step towards better health.

You may now be feeling a little anxious or unsure about where to go from here. You may be revved & ready to go. Or maybe you’re somewhere in-between? Regardless of how you’re feeling right now, we’re here to take you through everything you can expect as you begin your journey with us at Alevia.

Your first consultation was dedicated to getting to know you and truly assessing and understanding the causes behind your weight gain. It is important to us that we take the time to assess your current health, your history and other background factors so that we can develop a plan that is just right for you!

What will happen in my next appointment?

If you decide that our program is the right fit for you, then your next appointment will be focused on taking all of the information from your initial assessment and putting it into a treatment plan, tailored to suit you and your specific health needs. In most instances, your doctor will carefully step you through an appropriate dietary plan that will help control cravings and hunger so you can achieve weight loss quickly.

We know you may be anxious to get started ASAP, but we dedicate time in our second appointment to properly go through your dietary plan with you, so that you feel confident knowing exactly what direction you’re headed in and what you’re going to need. We’ve always found that taking the time to go through individualised plans with our patients helps to maximise weight loss success.

Along the way, we will continue getting to know you and your health needs, which may involve blood tests and other medical investigations, mood and mental health assessments and referrals to other specialists where needed.

What will my Alevia journey look like in the short-term?

Most patients get started with the starter program to kick start their weight loss journey – this is a 12 week intensive program designed for maximum results. Alternatively, for a slow and steady approach, you can follow a longer 5-6 month program with increased flexibility in your appointments. To find out about the differences check out this video.

What will my Alevia journey look like in the long-term?

Once you have achieved your weight loss goals, first of all – we will celebrate your success! It is important to acknowledge the wins and all the work you will have put in for yourself and your wellbeing.

Upon reaching a healthy body weight, you will be in the maintenance phase of our program, but don’t worry – this is exactly what you and your doctor will have prepared for together, in all of your consultations leading up to this.

You will be able to start stretching out the frequency of your appointments out to monthly consultations and then to every three months or so. Obesity is a chronic health condition, so even once you are at a healthy body weight, you will always need to take active steps to maintain what you have accomplished, which is why we suggest a check-in with your doctor every now and then.

If you relapse and re-gain some of the weight you lost, then your doctor will be right here for you. No shame, no judgement, no guilt – just a helping hand and practical strategies to get you back on track. Our doctors are experts in the science of body weight regulation and will arm you with the tools and strategies to maintain your weight long-term.

For now…

Make sure you’ve got your next appointment booked, the Valita app downloaded and that you’ve joined our private support group on Facebook for our patients. You can do all of these things by heading back to the welcome page here!

We hope you’re feeling as excited as we are!

We look forward to assisting you on your weight loss journey

The Team from Alevia Medical Weight Loss.

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