Many of our patients in their weight loss journey have family commitments and kids to feed, so it’s no surprise that a question we get frequently asked is about how to pass on their healthy eating habits to their kids and give them all the good nutrition they need.

We’ve put together some ideas for healthy lunchbox school or home snacks so your whole family can celebrate a healthy lifestyle with wholefoods.

Try these tasty healthy snacks for kids. (Be mindful of consuming these snacks yourself if you’re on a VLED weight management plan, not all of these are VLED-friendly)

  1. Corn thins
  2. Boiled eggs
  3. Low-fat cheese with crackers or cruskits
  4. Fruit kebabs (try to aim for a maximum of two pieces of fruit per day)
  5. Low-fat yoghurt like Chobani
  6. Vegetable sticks with salsa or low-fat dip
  7. Salt-reduced baked beans
  8. Tinned tuna in springwater with rice crackers
  9. Air-popped popcorn like Cool Pak
  10. Homemade vegetable soup

Avoid packing the kids’ lunches with chips, pretzels, fruit straps, chocolates or sugary drinks.

29 February, 2020


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