Feeling frustrated because you’re not losing any weight, even though you eat healthy and move lots? Your weight may not be quite as in your control as you think it is.

Did you know that there are FOUR main drivers of weight gain?

These include:

  1. genetic factors
  2. physiology (hunger/appetite hormones)
  3. our environment (such as readily available energy dense foods, sedentary jobs); and
  4. our behaviours (what we choose to eat and our levels of exercise)

Often, people try to focus simply on the lifestyle factors alone in trying to lose weight, with limited success.

We now understand that there is approximately 40-80% genetic contribution to our weight. There is also a contribution from our eating patterns, behaviours and levels of physical activity, but even some of these so called “conscious decisions” may be driven by our genetics/hunger signals.

So when you’re feeling frustrated that the number on the scale isn’t budging, even when you think you’re eating well and getting lots of physical activity – remember that your genes and hormones might be playing more of a role in your weight gain than you think.

You are NOT to blame for your obesity and overweight. This is one of our core beliefs at Alevia and this is where we can step in to help you.

14 May, 2019


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