One common and effective dietary intervention to assist with rapid weight loss is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), which normally involves meal replacement products such as Optifast. Combined with low-starchy veggies and at least 2L of water everyday, meal replacement products can help trigger ketosis for effective weight loss.

What is Optifast?

Ever tried googling how to lose weight and wondered what on earth ‘Optifast’ is in the search results? You’re not alone!

Optifast is one popular brand of meal replacement products, designed to help people with obesity lose weight. This is often referred to as a Very Low Energy/Calorie Diet (or VLED/VLCD for short!). Other common brands used for meal replacements include Formulite, Lady Shake, Kicstart and Tony Ferguson.

A VLCD intervention normally involves aiming for 800 calories per day, using low-carb and low-calorie meal replacement, such as shakes, soups, bars and desserts, along with lots of low-starchy veggies and 2L of water everyday.

How does it help me lose weight? 

Following this dietary approach for at least 3 days will likely see your body enter ketosis, which is when your cells run out of glucose to burn as energy and instead burn fat. A byproduct of burning fat is that you’ll also begin to produce ketones, which are your body’s own natural appetite suppressant, making it easier to continue on with the VLCD approach after the first few days!

How much weight can I lose using meal replacements?

A VLCD approach can show very effective results, with most people losing approx. 1-2.5kg per week (on average).  However, we find that our most successful patients are those that have weekly or fortnightly appointments while undertaking VLCD, to ensure they stay on track with their efforts, particularly after their initial motivation wears off.

The Support of an Alevia Doctor During VLCD

If you’re considering trying Optifast for a VLCD approach to losing weight, our Alevia doctors are here to support you and guide you through it, to maximise your success. Book an initial consultation to speak to your doctor and find out how we can help you.

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