Everything we do at Alevia Medical Weight Loss is guided by our professional and personal core values. Both our administrative and medical staff came together to develop our shared company values at Alevia as the foundations for our work. Our first value; humanity. 

At its very essence, humanity is about showing our patients compassion and respect in everything that we do.

We provide a non-judgmental, safe environment so that you can access care. 

We know it can feel overwhelming and intimidating to ask for help with your weight loss journey. We wholeheartedly believe that you are NOT to blame for your weight gain or any slip-ups along the way. We’re just here to provide you with the ongoing one-on-one support, compassion and care that you deserve, without any shame or criticism.

We acknowledge that everyone’s story is different. 

At Alevia, no one treatment plan is the same. We recognise that our patients all have individual experiences, needs and journeys when it comes to weight loss, which is why each patient can expect personalised and thorough care from our doctors.

We journey alongside with gentleness, respect and empathy. 

We’re with you for the long-run – for the good days AND the bad. We take the time to listen to how you’re feeling, and we will always approach your treatment with kind and gentle care.

The experiences of our patients are at the centre of everything we do. If you have any particular thoughts, feedback or suggestions for our core values, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at contact@alevia.com.au.

4 December, 2019


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